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Tips for photos

Clothes - Bring a variety of outfits that fit you well. - Clothing that is too loose will not hang properly; too tight may have too many folds or creases and may show those few extra pounds you may want to hide. Remember you will be sitting & leaning! - Remember to bring shoes, accessories & jewelry - Try your outfits on! Make sure unwanted tan lines & undergarments are not showing. - For group photos, pictures turn out best if everyone either... - matches colors (ex. everyone wears a black shirt and blue jeans) - coordinates colors (ex. everyone wears either different blues and white) - same palette (ex. everyone wears different casual outfits but all in earth tones)

Skin, Nails and Make-Up - Trim, file & remove old nail polish from nails. (It'll cost extra to remove it digitally) - Put lotion on any dry or ashy skin. - Wear your make-up no heavier then you would for a night out. - Even if you don't normally wear make-up, a light foundation or powder will help reduce shine and a touch of mascara helps define the eyes. - Bring eye drops if your eyes are red or suffering from some allergies. - Get a good night's rest and remember to relax!

Hair - Wear your hair in your favorite style. - If you need a trim try to schedule it a week in advance, just in case you don't like it. - Very light hair spray will tame loose ends that may catch light and show in a picture. An easy trick is to spray a little hairspray on your fingertips then lightly slide down frizzies at your hair part. - Guys make sure to shave unwanted facial hair. - Ladies if you want to change hairstyles during your session you need to make sure its something that can be done under 10 minutes - otherwise you'll take away too much of the actual photography time. - Ponytails don't photograph as well as loose hair. If you want to try a ponytail take a few practice shots at home with a digital just to preview the results. - If you dye your hair beware of visible roots and schedule your portraits accordingly.

Personality and Props - Props can help to show your personality and record the types of activities you are involved in. - Bring your sports equipment, uniforms, musical instruments, art tools & artwork or letterjackets. - You can also bring your car or pet, just give notice when scheduling your appointment because some times of day will be better than others - If you have a specific idea feel free to bring whatever and we will try and incorporate it in. - Anything that describes you will make great portraits!

Times to Schedule